Fornasetti Giantesco Bacio Candle 1.9kg at Violet X Grace Miami

Bacio Gigantesco Candle 1.9Kg


Decorated with the painted lips of Fornasetti's muse Lina Cavalieri, this scented candle is held within a ceramic container, where natural wax releases the sophisticated scent of the fragrance Otto, a blend of Mediterranean herbs, woods, and incense.

Any minor discrepancies between similar creations are the result of craftsmanship and attest to the uniqueness of each product.



Material: 70% ceramics, 30% wax

Top Notes: lavender, thyme

Middle Notes: cedarwood, orris

Base Notes: tolu balsam, incense, birch/styreax, labdanum

17 cm - 6,7 inches Height
15 cm - 6 inches Diameter
1900 gr - 4 lb Weight

Made in Italy